Open Source Hardware

The Pi 3D Scanner is based on opensource hardware. All the building plans to make the scanner is freely available and can you used and modified by anyone. You are free to source your hardware components from where ever you like. We can of course help you source components as well.

The hardware cost of the scanner with 100 camera units / 19 Poles, frame construction, light setup and networking is around 11,000 euro. (this is EXCLUDING the build cost, just the components) 

Component Quantity Unit Price Total Possible suppliers
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 100 €29.80 €2980


Pi Camera 100 €18.77 €1877
Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card 100 €8 €800 Including firmware and unique labeling. Can be bought directly from us.
5V 10Amp Power-supply 19 €11 €209
Network Cabling + USB power cables 100 €4 €400
Frame construction  1 €1000 €1000  
Ethernet Switches 19x 8 port + 1x 24 port 19 + 1 €22,50 €500
18 x 2m LED strips full spectrum 18 €29.50 €531
Led Power suppl LPF-40D-24 18 €21 €378
4x Optoma GT760 Projector + tripods 4 €550


Prices are estimates and excluding VAT, based on completely self-build and self-sourcing of components. So time is not calculated into these costs.


If you do not want to self build the 3D Scanner, we can provide you with a kit that you can assemble or we can install a system on-site for you. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (We only provide a full kit to the European market)


You have 2 choices with the software. You can use the basic script published on this website and build your own software around it or you can buy the software we have developed. 

Our 3D scan management software support the following:

  • Easy-to-use windows management software
  • Free for up to 35 cameras
  • Central control of camera and projection settings
  • Easy Unit ID and Unit mode setting
  • Central firmware update
  • Support for wireless remote (logitech presention clicker)
  • Multi-threaded download management and scan registration
  • 3 raspberry pi unit modes: Camera, Projection and Preview Monitor
  • Security settings, so that an operator can not change configuration
  • Soon: fully integrated online customer management system

The 3D scan management software is available for €750 ex VAT per scanner per year (subscription based), including online support and updates.